Posted by: Michael | May 3, 2013

Haydn Sonata in a Month Day 10

I preferred not to waste time writing here as there was no significant progress (hence, skipping the writup for a few days) but after my last lesson with my teacher where I could barely even play anything, I have made some great progress thanks to her guidance. I thought I had it going but she showed me how to play it much much better. And she demonstrated different ways to practice different parts of it which made it possible to finally put them hands together in a slow steady tempo and with the correct articulation.

I am putting off the memorization for the time being, I can play fine with the notes and it’s better in the long run because it allows me to absorb more of the score the more I see it.

Movement 1 is going in steady slow tempo almost to the end. Movement 2 is going well except for the trio which is going great in moderate tempo but only Hands Separately.

For movement 3 I am still practicing mostly left and right hand and slowly putting them together. I can go right ahead and skip that but I suspect it will only hurt me in the long run so I am trying to be patient before I move on to HT mostly.

I have removed most of the trills when playing now because they were creating some rhythmic imbalances which need to be addressed before I put the trills and other ornamentation in. I will probably skip some anyway just to be safe for the exam, I don’t want an ornamentation to stop me from playing it well if I can’t do it good. They are supposed to make the music more beautiful not make it harder so unless they become easier it’s best to omit some of them. Haydn’s melody is pretty enough as it is even without them.

It’s already been 10 days… How fast the time flies. Well on to another day of exploring. It was difficult yesterday but today my focus was much better.


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