Posted by: Michael | April 26, 2013

Haydn Sonata in a Month Day 3

Day 2 was spent doing other things and I could not get practice. I used the day to it’s maximum potential, however, so I am satisfied with it.

It’s now 11:23 pm, I just finished playing. I did not stray away from the focus of my work and managed to secure page 2 as much as possible. Now it’s going steady as it should be, the tempo is consistent with page 1.

I had trouble playing HT, so I practiced the left and right hands extensively. I played the notes as chords first then broke them up. All is good now and it’s all memorized, I can play hands together and also either hand from memory and I can also play just the left hand singing the notes of the right and vise versa. It’s a good exercise for training your ears.

Stared on the second movement and it’s going well, it’s easier than the first so far. It’s only 2 pages + 1 page trio so it will be easier to memorize.

That’s all for today. I will have to work tomorrow but I will make it a point to practice when I get back from work as much as possible. Maybe with a power nap before that. My hands will need rest after all the computer work.


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